There’s too much sugar in everything. In another 10 years, I suspect the we’ll all be told that sugar is the most important ingredient to avoid in our diets. Even though they don’t taste sweet, most breads, pastas, crackers and most carbohydrates break down into sugar (glucose) as soon after we eat them.

Our bodies crank out insulin to get the sugar out of our blood. Insulin tells the liver to turn the sugar to fat for storage. Our bodies burn fat when insulin levels are low. The goal is to keep insulin levels low by avoiding sugar and carbohydrates for better health.

The problem is our bodies become addicted to sugar. Our brains release dopamine when we get a hit of sugar, just like any other drug. If we are used to eating sugar and carbohydrates, it can be difficult to stop. We can wean ourselves off sugar just as with any other drug.

It can be hard, but it’s what we need to do for better health.

Published by Tilak Dutta

I'm on a journey to understand ways I can be happier and healthier. I try to share what I've learned.

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