Changing Habits

When I was in undergrad, I remember going to see my family doctor. He made a comment that I should try to lose some weight. I told him that I’d been trying but that it hadn’t been working. I was actually quite active – I would bike everywhere. But I told him I felt like I had a poor relationship with food. I would find myself eating even when I wasn’t hungry.

His response was surprising to me – he said the solution was simple. Whenever I thought about eating, I should make the logical decision to simply not do it. I should go to the gym and hit a punching bag instead.

His idea didn’t work for me. It wasn’t until much later that I understood why – it’s because I had a bad habit and habits are hard to change. What I would have benefited from is some concrete strategies to change my habits.

I’m in the process of testing out some habit change strategies from this book. I’ve been going for about 2 weeks with good success. I’ll report back in another 2 weeks to see if I’m still on track.

One of the habits I’ve built is to post to this site first thing each day and have kept it up.

Published by Tilak Dutta

I'm on a journey to understand ways I can be happier and healthier. I try to share what I've learned.

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